Let yourself be creative…


Dear Beautiful Woman, Do you have this longing to spend quality time with other women, connect, create and courageously express yourself? Do you need a break from the stress of everyday life: to stop and immerse yourself in your inner world, surrounded by the safety of the Women’s Circle? To breathe, get inspired, enjoy yourself and feed your Soul?  I invite you to the Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop – the MOON, where you will tap into your poetic creativity and surprise yourself with what you can create, even if you don’t believe you can. What is Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop?  Primal Poetry is a way of unlocking a poetic expression to communicate one’s emotions, thoughts, worries, hopes, amazements, or gratitude in the form of a poem or short poetic text. The focus is not on the technicality of the poem. Instead, it is on the free flow of what you feel in that moment without the restriction of poetry known from school, without judgement or expectations. Primal poetry is about enjoying the process of creating in tune with your soul. The crucial part of Primal Poetry is relaxation which allows you to slow down, be kind to yourself, and connect with your creativity (which everyone has, but some have yet to find it).  The workshop has the form of a Women’s Circle to create a safe space in which you can explore your creativity, let yourself be poetic, feel a part of the community, share what is present for you and find out you are creative—all without judgement.  Some healing may happen when women gather together and create.  The theme of this Women’s Circle is the Moon. The Moon will be our guide, inspiration, and poem’s subject.  What will happen during the Circle?  🌕 Check-in 🌕 Opening meditation 🌕 Tea ceremony to ease in and get to know each other  🌕 Sharing thoughts and feelings about poetry and poetry reading (if you have a favourite poem and what to share, please bring it along)  🌕 Moon Meditation  🌕 Poetic Creation – I will guide you through two activities that will give you tools to write your poem.  🌕 Sharing (optional) and closing the Circle  What is Primal Poetry not?  –> It is not a poetry class where you analyze poems, learn about poets, etc. –> It is not a writing workshop where you learn writing strategies. –> It is not group therapy. The Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop – the MOON will occur monthly around the Full Moon. The focus each month will be on different aspects of the Moon. It is not a series, though; you can book just one.  🌕When?  Sunday 8th January 2023 – The Wolf Moon in Cancer, Self-Expression Sunday 5th February 2023 – The Snow Moon in Leo, Passions Sunday 5th March 2023 – The Worm Moon in Virgo, the Here and Now Sunday 2nd April 2023 – The Pink Moon in Libra, Balance Saturday 6th May 2023 – The Flower Moon in Scorpio, Rebirth 🌕What time? 7 pm to 9.30 pm 🌕Where?  Sunday: Collaborators Cabin, Poole, UK (I will email you the address once you have booked)  🌕How much? £18 🌕Availability 5 spaces 🌕How to book? Email: and make a payment (if you don’t have paypal, message me for a different form of payment) All women are welcome.


“I enjoy reading poetry but had minimal experience of writing poetry. I was initially a little apprehensive about putting thoughts down on paper. I did find it extremely enjoyable – going with the flow encouraged by Monika and the other group member. I was pleasantly surprised and proud of what I created. It has inspired me to participate in future circles and to pursue poetry writing further at home.” Yvonne

“To be very honest, I felt a little nervous about poetry prior to our get togehter, but I didn’t have to worry at all. Monika gently led the way and made us all feel relaxed in an engaging and enjoyable way. It was perfect for those like me with less poetry familiarity. Monika gave us a gentle introduction to how poetry works and how to approach discussing the poems. I felt more confident with poetry by the end of our session and can’t wait to engage in future sessions.” Karen

“I am someone that can’t really get my words out, especially when it is about me and my thoughts. I think I was a bit scared of writing poetry. But after my experience with Monika I came out with a beautiful poem that meant something to me and I wrote it! Monika guided me in such a wonderful way that I felt empowered to look at poetry in a new way and I found myself enjoying writing. I didn’t feel anywhere as scared of poetry as I was and felt like I learnt a new skill as well.” Emilie



What is the easiest way to boost your well-being? Telling stories! Storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of medicine known to humankind. People gathered around the fire to tell and listen to stories to connect to themselves and their community. They knew stories: 🪄 give you the power to create new worlds, 🪄 stir your imagination, 🪄 inspire change, 🪄 allow you to forget, for a minute, about your responsibilities; they help you rest and let your soul feel the happiness, sadness, or any other emotion within you; 🪄 they help your soul find the answers to struggles in your life, 🪄 make you laugh, 🪄 have fun and relax. Come to Primal Storytelling Women’s Circle if you: ✨ long to experience the magic of telling spellbinding stories in the comfort of the company of like-minded women, ✨ need lots of fun and laughter, ✨ want to relax, ✨ spend your Sunday evening creatively, ✨ want to invite creativity in your life. What is the Storytelling Circle not? ➳ It is not group therapy, ➳ It is not art therapy or any other type of therapeutic session. ➳ Some healing may happen when women gather together and create; however, it is not a space to work through traumas. ✨ The Circle’s energy is light and meant to spark the imagination and ignite creativity in your life. What will happen during the Circle? 🔥 opening meditation, 🔥 tea ceremony to ground in the present and get to know each other, 🔥 sound journey with a Koshi Bell to connect to the element of FIRE, 🔥 sound journey with a shamanic drum to connect to the Story Spirit, 🔥 collective storytelling – we tell one big story together, adding parts of the story using story cubes as prompts if needed, going around the Circle, 🔥 closing meditation. WHEN? Sunday, 29th January 2023 WHAT TIME? 7 pm – 8.30 pm WHERE? Collaborators Cabin, Poole ( I will message you the address once you have booked) HOW MANY SPACES? 5 spaces HOW MUCH? £12 HOW TO BOOK? Please message me on and make a payment through (if you don’t have PayPal, don’t worry, let me know, and we will find an alternative way). ALL women are welcome



🌑 Would you like to start a new lunar month with a beautifully set intention? 🌑 Would you like to connect to your poetic and creative self and make a magical intention card to accompany you through the month? 🌑 Would you like to ignite your imagination and invite creativity into your life? PRIMAL POETIC GARDEN: Intention Setting Women’s Circle: the NEW MOON is a perfect space for you to do so. During the Circle, you will: ✨ relax during guided meditation ✨ ground yourself during the tea ceremony ✨ do oracle card reading ✨ take part in a drum sound journey to the Moon Garden to plant your intention ✨ take part in a Koshi Bell sound journey to connect with your poetic, creative self, stir your imagination and inspire ideas for your intention card ✨ create a short poetic text with your intention ✨ create a beautiful card with your intention 🌑 The Primal Poetic Garden: Intention Setting Women’s Circle – the NEW MOON will occur monthly around the New Moon. It is not a series, though; you can book just one. 🌑 WHEN? Saturday, 21.01. 2023 Sunday, 19.02.2023 🌑 WHAT TIME? 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm 🌑 WHERE? Collaborators Cabin (I will send you the address once you have booked) 🌑 HOW MUCH? £18 🌑 AVAILABILITY 5 spaces 🌑 HOW TO BOOK? Please email me with your details at and make a payment (if you don’t have PayPal, message me for a different form of payment) 🌑 Who is it for? All women are welcome.