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Welcome to Birkiverse, Beautiful Soul…

Birkiverse (birki [icelandic for birch] + universe), an enchanted Forest of Creativity and Sensitivity in the depths of the Internet; a forest where the poems grow, where the teapots hide among the trees, where the leaves are painted with art, where the magical encounters happen, and where the stories are told. My Dear Friend, do you have a moment? I would like to tell you one:

One day, I went to a birch forest. After few mintues of a delightful wandering among the trees, I sat by one of the graceful maidens of the woods, and I took out a notebook and my little red teapot. I poured water over the leaves and let the golden elixir brew for a while. In the meantime, I kept still observing my surrounding. 

 I was amazed at the beauty of the trees, swaying gently in the wind. They were making subtle music with their leaves. Mesmerising. 

There was something unusual about the trees. I felt they tried to tell me a message, so I listened carefully. 

“There is strength in being gentle. There is magic in being delicate. There is beauty in sensitivity. There is power in resting” they whispered.

 I took a sip of the Oolong tea and closed my eyes, immersing in this enchanted moment. It sparked an extraordinary connection with my imagination, with my creativity, with the mystery of being. I opened my eyes, and I wrote a poem

Suddenly, a wish came upon me: I want to feel the magic of the forest within me, wherever I go, whatever I do. I want to take it home and share it with Others. And so I did. 

It is how Birkiverse has come to life


Photo by Lewis Vincent

I believe in the healing ways of stories and poems.
I believe in the healing ways of art.
I believe in the healing ways of
tea and nature.

I believe in the healing ways of conversations.

I believe in the healing ways of writing letters.

I believe in the relaxation and deep connection with oneself when immersing into the world of creativity.
I believe that in embracing our sensitivity we find happiness.

And it is what my blog is all about.

Birkiverse is the inner state of creativity inspired by nature and sparked by our senses; that deep connection with our internal, playful artists who want to be let out to create and have fun – without judgement, without worrying about the end result. We, adults, don’t play, explore or enjoy the creative process often enough. And I believe we should as it is relaxing, healing and brings a lot of joy.

Monika Holmes
Photo by Monika Holmes

Please, feel free to step into Birkiverse and explore.

I hope you will find here some healing, some rest, some inspiration, and some magic.

Photo by Lewis Vincent
Listen to the song of the birches….

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