In this moment of stillness / W tej chwili nicnierobienia

With a baby in the crook of my arm, I am in this moment of stillness. Tucked in with a blanket of love,  I am in this moment of stillness. Immersed into the essence of life, I am in this moment  of stillness. I take a breath and let go all the musts and dos,…

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Talks Over a Cup of Tea: Dancing Free with Emilie

One evening, I met up with the inspirational Emilie Barton. We went to the nearby meadow and sat comfortably on a blanket. The sun was hugging us warmly, and the closeby trees were rustling quietly. I made some tea and poured it into little red tea bowls. I handed one of them to Emilie. Slowly…

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Peace in a Tea Bowl / Spokój w Czarce Herbaty

The delicate, nearly see-through mist drifts across the meadow, lifting unhurriedly and letting the golden light of dawn illuminate the dew-soaked grass. The wildflowers turn their heads lazily towards the sky as they seek the warmth of the first sun rays. With a wicker basket in her hand, a young woman enters this pristine temple…

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