Poetic Tuesday: A Girl With the Reindeer

Sometimes inspiration for a poem comes unexpectedly—a nudge of wind in the trees, a birdsong, a deep longing or a picture. You never know what will stir this sensitive part of you and help you channel your creative magic into this world. If you are open to communication with that part of yourself and with the transcendent whispers from your surroundings, you may write something touching, thought-provoking, and beautiful.

Once, I saw a picture of a girl feeding her reindeer. It touched my soul profoundly, and the following poem came to life:

A Girl with Reindeer 

Mother Earth sheds a tear
over forgotten connection
between what’s human
and what’s hers:

moon, trees, rain,
snow, wind, stars,
animals, roots, plants.

She shouts:
Look at them, look!
In vain. 

She treasures a recollection:
a girl feeding her reindeer
which gather around her
in trust, in love, in friendship
they look into her eyes.

Mother Earth sighs 
and whispers - 
where is this girl? 
Is she still there? 

Then, Mother Earth
as she knows:
the snow will melt,
the reindeer will flee,
the girl will fade away
as so will we…