Poetic Tuesday: Primal Poetry and “I, the Earthling”

I love writing poems to express myself in a simple, creative way without thinking too much about the formal technicalities of poetry. Sometimes, a challenge to write in a particular format with a rigid structure is fun, too, but more often than not, I try to capture a moment, a feeling or a thought I want to keep and let my creativity flow freely to do so. I look for inspiration within myself and in the nature that surrounds me. It can be a word, a smell, a sight or an emotion. I close my eyes and connect to the feeling, images, stories, or messages. I let my imagination show me the poem. I sit with it for a moment, and then I write it down, playing with the words, repetitions (my favourite literary device) and images.

I call this process practising Primal Poetry. It was inspired by the Sami People’s tradition of yoik – where they burst into a chant expressing whatever they are feeling at a particular moment. Primal Poetry does the same, just using words and poem structure.

I share my practice during Primal Poetry Women’s Circle. I turned my little fun activity into a proper magical ritual to help others to connect with their inner poets and express themselves freely. We start with a guided grounding meditation and tea ceremony. Then we connect either with an Element (Fire, Water, Earth or Air) or Moon. We do it in two different ways: first, by brainstorming what we feel and associate with a particular Element or the Moon (sometimes there is a theme to guide us based on the Moon energy of the month), and then we set off on a sound journey with either the Koshi bells or the shamanic drum to open our imagination to any images, stories, words, messages our souls want us to express. And finally, we write it down.

The whole experience is relaxing, inspiring and magical.

I share with you a poem I have written during one of the Circles inspired by the Element of Earth, entitled “I, the Earthling”:

I invite you to try writing your Primal Poem at home or, if you fancy, join me in one of the Primal Poetry Women Circles. Details: here https://birkiverse.com/offerings/.