Creative Sunday Inspiration – A Fairy Garden

Creative Sunday Inspiration: A Fairy Garden

Mixing creativity with nature is one of my favourite things. I write stories and poems inspired by beautiful places we visit or take pictures of incredible sights we encounter during our adventures. But sometimes, I have this itch to connect with nature creatively in a completely different way – I make decorations using natural materials I find on our outings or in our garden. 

The decoration I am But a balcony would do fine too, or even a windowsill for what I will invite you to try today.  

What is it? 

I invite you to make yourself a tiny fairy garden! My mother-in-law and I made ours in hanging baskets. But a flower pot will be perfect too. 

I decorated a wooden fairy door with paint, moss and polymeric clay leaves and placed it on mossy soil I found growing in an abandoned hanging basket. 

My mother-in-law made hers from moss and bark she found around the garden. 

If you don’t have a garden where you can find moss randomly popping up, don’t worry. Here are some alternate ideas to put in your pot: 

  • plant watercress,
  • plant some grass,
  • use green tissue paper,
  • paint some pebbles green.

I invite you to use your imagination and whatever you can find around your house, garden or nearby park for the fairy garden—broken terracotta pot pieces, pebbles, sticks, moss, bark, etc.

Have fun, and let yourself be creative!