Poetic Tuesday: My Little Boat

Poetry is such a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with emotions. Feeling them profoundly and then realising them by writing them down brings immense relief. It helps to look at what is happening from a distance and a different angle, providing resolution and possible solutions. It untangles tangled thoughts and feelings. It helps to let go.

Here is one of the poems I have written to release my emotions:

My Little Boat

I find myself
in the crossfire
of words.
Cannon fire
of misunderstanding
shouts loudly
every day
on the once peaceful sea.

My little boat
crashes among the waves
of not my pain.

Stay strong.
Stay strong. 
I hear 
the whisper 
carried by the wind.

I summon
the magic 
of the Elements.
Their presence
surrounds me 
Oxygen, droplets, flames and dirt
in a wind whirl ring
power – 
I stay strong.