Poetic Tuesday: The Seed

Last week, I listened to a podcast by Liz Gilbert on Calm. It was a day when I fancied binge-watching Netflix. But I couldn’t find anything that would catch my attention enough to “waste” my life over it. So I put on the podcast, listened and cleared the living room.

I was glad I chose to do that, as it reminded me of Gilbert’s beautiful theory from her book “Big Magic”: we are all called to be creative, and we have a choice to answer it or not. The ideas like seeds float there in the universe and look for fertile soil, a suitable person to channel them into our physical realm and grow them into magical creations they want to be. When they find that person, they present themselves and wait for the person to say, “Yes, I will answer your call and create.” If we do that and act accordingly, we become the creators we always were meant to be. If not, the idea finds somebody else who is ready for them. And we wait for another idea to choose us.

It also reminded me of a poem I wrote some time ago that carries a similar notion of us being seeds of the universe here on this planet to grow in love, creativity and unity. And this poem entitled “The Seed”, I share with you today:

I am a timeless


of the Universe,

falling down

on the fertile

soil of life -


I turn into

a seed

of humanity:

and I grow in love,

and I grow in creativity,

and I grow in unity,


the delicate core

of my soul.
Seeds of the Universe

Polish version of the poem / Wersja polska wiersza:


Jestem bezczasową



która spada

na żyzną 

ziemię życia -


przemieniam się

w ziarenko


i rosnę w miłości,

i rosnę w twórczości,

i rosnę w jedności,

ramionami obejmując 

delikatne centrum

mojej duszy.