Monday Wonderings: My Inner Champion

I have noticed an incredible change in my thinking patterns. For a long time, I have struggled with a very harsh Inner Critic who would always put me and my ideas down. The Critic was so powerful I would not even try to do things my soul yearned to do. But since I invited Creative Flow into my life, I have developed a new Inner Voice – my Inner Champion. I keep finding myself thinking, “Don’t worry, you are just starting. It takes time to build your brand, your audience”, instead of “Your ideas are stupid, and no one likes them”. It is a nice change. Yes.

It has taken a lot of work, ups and downs, and trials and errors, but I have managed to quieten the Inner Critic. He is still there, but I don’t pay much attention to what he says because my Inner Champion is stronger, louder and more boisterous. She has my back.

The more I create, the more powerful she gets.
The more I create, the more inspiration I see around me.
The more I create, the more unstoppable my creative flow becomes.

My Inner Champion is like the golden rays of the morning sun – illuminating the beauty of creation – the world’s creation and my creation.

My Inner Champion is like the wise old willow – supporting me with her insights and truths.

My Inner Champion is like the rushing water of the stream – refreshing my mind and my soul.

My Inner Champion is me.

And you? Do you hear the voice of your Inner Champion?