There is something mysterious about lighthouses. They are man-made yet profoundly connected to nature: overlooking the sea, standing alone among rocks and sand, guarding both ships and shores against one another. A beacon of calm among storms. A beacon of hope among the darkness. A refuge from the madness of the world.

Today, I invite you to imagine what your day in a lighthouse would look like?

⛯ What is the weather like?

⛯ How does the lighthouse look inside?

⛯ What smells are in the air?

⛯ What sounds can you hear?

⛯ What do you do after you wake up?

⛯ What activities do you do during the day?

⛯ Do you have a ritual of lighting up the lamp? If so, describe it.

A lighthouse – a beacon of calm among storms, a beacon of hope among the darkness, a refuge from the madness of the world.

Here is my daydream:

I wake up in the morning to the sound of waves lapping onto the shore and seagulls squeaking fiercely in their search for food. I go down to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee. The smell of freshly ground beans fills the lighthouse.

The whisper of the sea is calling me.

I take the cup and go outside to watch the dance of the waves. Sometimes I join them, letting myself be wild as they are. Swaying my hips, swaying my arms. Swaying. Swaying. Swaying.

When I come back to the lighthouse, I get changed and wrap myself in a blanket. I sit in the armchair and read a book, jazz playing quietly on the old record player.

The day is deliciously slow. Cooking, writing, painting. Being. Mhmm.

When it gets dark, I climb the stairs and light up the beacon. Its bright light sparkles across the darkness. Flash. Flash. Flash. Like a heartbeat.

I know that living in a lighthouse probably is quite tough and not as romantic as I imagine it. But what is the imagination for if not for daydreaming, creating a perfect spot in our minds to stop by and rest when we need it?

Share your daydreams in the comments if you feel like it 💚

Let Yourself Be Creative!