Poetic Tuesday: I find peace

The forest inspires me. The forest is where I escape my daily worries. The forest is the place where I create memories. For myself, for my family. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing my son’s eyes sparkling with joy when he splashes in the stream, finds sticks to play with or explores mossy logs holding his daddy’s hand.

It seems I have a prominent forest theme in my poetry. Here is another poem inspired by our time in Delph Woods in Dorset.

I find peace 
in the songs 
of a stream
just for me
by the nymphs.

I find peace 
in the tunes 
of the trees
just for me
by the dryads.

I find peace 
in the laughter 
of my little son
with the forest folk. 

I find peace 
in those little moments 
full of magic,
full of love.
Another poem inspired by the forest