The Magic of Cyclicity

La Luna is proud of her cyclicity. She understands she cannot shine brightly all month: it would be exhausting to be out there, create, and constantly give without a break. La Luna accepts that she needs time to retreat, rest, and disappear from the sky. She values it and celebrates it as she knows all her aspects, all her emotions, and all her needs are important. They all want to be heard, embraced and loved. Her brightness and her darkness. Her light and her shadow. 


During each phase, her magic is different. Yet still powerful. Still needed. Still potent.  

She appears and disappears. Every single month. 

Mother Nature is proud of her cyclicity. She understands some things need to die to be reborn again. Mother Nature accepts that to cherish the beauty of spring and summer, the world has to come to a halt and rest during the dark period of autumn and winter. To be fertile and creative, she needs to hibernate first. Every single year. 

Each season has its importance. Its power. Its magic. Its purpose. 

Mother Nature embraces all her moods.


Our feminine power, creativity and magic do not disappear when we feel low. They do not disappear when our moon blood arrives. They do not disappear when we are ill, tired, or busy. They do not disappear when we don’t create anything for a month or two because life happens. They are still there, growing like a seed in the ground before it shoots out into the world. They are there, waiting for us to rest, so they can guide us again into projects and the magic of creating. They are waiting for us to nourish the soil of our souls. They are prepared to be born when we are rested and relaxed. That is why we must let ourselves take a break and care for ourselves like La Luna does every month. How wise she is in doing so! Imagine what could happen if we don’t retreat and rest: the seed of our power would find itself in the barren soil, unable to grow into its beautiful form.

Without the new moon, there would be no full moon. 

Without fertile soil, there would be no seed growing into a flower. 

Without winter, there would be no spring. 

Without rest, there would be no creativity. 

The cycle is a wonderful gift. There is time to shine, and there is time to retreat. There is time to create, and there is time to rest.  

La Luna knows it.

Mother Nature knows it. 

Ancient wise women knew it. 

Let’s reclaim that. Let’s reclaim our birthright to rest and to create. 

Every single month.