I feel poetic today. Yes, it is a good day for a poem. I invite you to look at the photo of this dusty path.

👣 Stare at it, connect with it, ponder it.

👣 What emotions does it evoke?

👣 What memories?

👣 What does come to your mind when you look at it?

👣 What can you see, and how can it represent how you feel?

👣 Then close your eyes and imagine the photo.

👣 Imagine you are on that path.

👣 Use your senses.

👣 Listen to your soul.

👣 What does your soul want to tell you through this picture?

Write your poem down. Share it in the comments if you are feeling brave enough.

“The Path”

Here is my poem:

I don’t know

where you meander

or what awaits

around the corner

but I follow

gingerly placing my footprints

on your dusty story

towards the final chapter

hiding behind the tree

hiding behind the horizon

towards the last verse


even when

the darkness

sleeps on my shoulder

against the thunderstorm

against the sandstorm

against the snowstorm

I follow

my sun

my light

on your dusty story

guiding me from within

from within

Let yourself be creative!

Have a magical Sunday! ❤

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