Poetic Tuesday: Spot the Snowdrops

Lady Spring has dotted snowdrops everywhere she goes…


They are one of my favourite flowers – small, delicate, fierce, and resilient. They do not fret the cold or the frost; they have a job to do, their purpose. They come to bring the hope of warmer days, the promise of rebirth, the sign of new.


They were an inspiration for the poem “Spot the Snowdrops”:

The Sun and the Moon

spin cyclically

on a carousel of the Universe.

They don’t think particularly

about the beliefs of a being

in the anthill of annihilation -

following orders between day and night,

following orders between birth and death. 

Brigid and Morrigan

dance vigorously 

on a balance of the Universe.

They watch indifferently 

the behaviour of a being

in the hive of humankind -

rushing around between day and night,

rushing around between birth and death. 

The Earth and the Sky

play harmoniously 

on a seesaw of the Universe. 

They don’t ponder immensely

over the existence of an earthling   

imprisoned in the institution of ignorance -

passing by between day and night,

passing by between birth and death. 


Spot the snowdrops.

Smell the scent of spring - 

savour seconds between day and night,

savour seconds between birth and death.