Monday Wonderings: What is poetry?

What is poetry, you ask?

Poetry is a spell that stops time and opens magical portals to other dimensions, enchanting reality.

A gate to our Inner Worlds, it connects our souls to the souls of Mother Earth, the Cosmos, the Moon and The Mystery of Life.

It is a delight, so it delights.

What is poetry, you wonder?

Poetry is medicine, a powerful cure that soothes.

It notices emotions hidden in the depths of the soul, bringing them out to be seen and understood.

It is a healer, so it heals.

What is poetry, you inquire?

Poetry is roots, the roots of sensitivity.

They wind invisible among people, gathering them into tribes of kindred spirits.

It is a connection, so it connects.

What is poetry, you want to know?

Poetry is a loupe, the loupe of inner wisdom.

The incredible tool, she magnifies the unseen beauty of love, pain, poppies or snow.

It is eyes, so it sees.

What is poetry, you ask?

Poetry is a voice,
the voice of a soul;
the voice of emotions;
the voice of sensitivity.

It is my voice.

Poetry is me.

I am poetry.

Connecting to my poetic power

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