Not so long ago, my friend, her daughter, my son and I went on an adventure. We discovered beautiful hidden gardens. Crossing their gates was like stepping into a magical travelling portal that took us to unique places. We visited Roman Villa, tropical woods and the Japanese Zen garden.

During our wanderings, we discovered a well. I let my imagination run wild and came up with the idea that in the well lives a wishing dragon who wakes up every full moon at midnight. If you are lucky to find the magic well at this time, the wish dragon will grant you one wish.
My friend and I had a chat about wishing and wishes. If we had only one wish, would we want for ourselves or the world?

I would wish everyone always had time and money for adventures with family and friends because spending quality time with loved ones is crucial for a child’s development and the well-being of every adult. And if everyone is taken care of and content, a ripple of change may happen in the world.

The adventures at every stage of our lives boost our health, enrich our imagination, and make everyone feel special and loved. They may inspire who our children will be when they grow up, and who knows, they can make the world a better place. Also, what is the greatest gift we can give our children more than our time and love? What greatest gift can we give ourselves more than time and love? I believe that time and love can make a difference – happy children will make a happier world. Adventures also benefit adults – they allow you to slow down, be in the here and now, and connect with your child, partner, friend, and yourself. Happy adults will make a happier world. And it is what the world needs: happiness, love, time, and care.

I invite you to go on an adventure. It doesn’t have to be far away – local gardens, woods, or parks will do perfectly. And if you see a well, stop, breathe and imagine:

πŸͺ„ who might live in there,
πŸͺ„ when would you be able to see them,
πŸͺ„ what their superpower would be,
πŸͺ„ would they be friendly or not,
πŸͺ„ why are they there?

Let yourself be creative and have fun πŸ™‚