Primal Storytelling Women’s Circle – ONLINE

Calling to all those who don’t live in Poole or the UK but would like to experience the magic of Primal Storytelling Circle, there is an online gathering this Saturday!

What will happen during the Circle?

🔥 opening meditation,

🔥tea moment to ground in the present (have your favourite cuppa ready), get to know each other and listen to a story,

🔥 sound journey with Koshi Bells to stir the imagination and invite stories into our minds,

🔥 sound journey with a shamanic drum to connect to the Story Spirit,

🔥 collective storytelling – we tell one big story together, adding parts of the story using story cubes as prompts if needed, going around the Circle,

🔥 closing the circle.

Come to Primal Storytelling Women’s Circle if you:

✨ long to experience the magic of telling spellbinding stories in the comfort of the company of like-minded women,

✨ need lots of fun and laughter,

✨ want to relax,

✨ spend your Sunday evening creatively,

✨ want to invite creativity into your life.

Cost: £12

Only 6 spaces!

To book, message me at

More info here:

To Polish Followers:

Witajcie Kochane Kobiety,

Przychodzę do Was z kręgiem Primal Storytelling. Spotkamy się online, aby razem opowiadać baśnie. Wydarzenie teoretycznie jest po angielsku, ale jeżeli zbierze się tylko polska grupa, będzie po polsku. Jeżeli chciałybyście tylko polski baśniowy krąg, dajcie znać, to takowy zorganizuję 🙂