My son and I like making things together. Sometimes it is slightly challenging because E. is not even two yet, and he has his own ideas about the materials we work with, like tipping the box with googly eyes and loading his toy truck with them. Nevertheless, we made this little alien creature. E. helped paint the alien’s body; I did the rest. We thought about his name, his origins, and what he likes and dislikes. One day we will try to make a little puppet show about his adventures.

Making puppets with whatever you can find in your house is great fun! Toilet paper rolls, wool, felt-tip pens, old clothes, etc., can all be puppets!

Your creations can be used for puppet shows, story prompts, or an excuse for making silly noises —excellent activities for rainy days.
And you do not have to have children to give it a go!

What will you make today?