With spring lurking on the horizon, let’s celebrate IMBOLC together, gathering in PRIMAL POETRY WOMEN’S CIRCLE.

Come if you:

🌱 feel you want to celebrate IMBOLC creatively,
🌱 want to change your life and invite creativity into your everyday endeavours,
🌱 want to spend some quality time with other like-minded women,
🌱 rest,
🌱 have fun.

During the circle, we will:

𐇵 relax during guided meditation,
𐇵 ground ourselves during the tea ceremony,
𐇵 connect with Brigid during a sound journey with a shamanic drum,
𐇵 take part in Koshi bells visualisation to open up our imaginations and connect to the Elements and draw our inspiration from them,
𐇵 write a poem.

What is Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop?

🪄Primal Poetry is a way of unlocking a poetic expression to communicate one’s emotions, thoughts, worries, hopes, amazement, ideas, or gratitude inspired by the magic of nature and one’s inner world in the form of a poem or a short poetic text.

🪄 The focus is not on the technicality of the poem. Instead, it is on the free flow of what you feel in that moment without the restriction of poetry known from school, without judgement or expectations.

🪄 Primal Poetry is about enjoying the process of creating in tune with your Soul.

🪄 The crucial part of Primal Poetry is relaxation which allows you to slow down, be kind to yourself, and connect with your creativity (which everyone has, but some have yet to find it).

🪄 The workshop has the form of a Women’s Circle to create a safe space in which you can explore your creativity, let yourself be poetic, feel a part of the community, share what is present for you and find out you are creative—all without judgement.

🪄 Some healing may happen when women gather together and create; however, it is not a space to work through traumas.

🪄 The Circle’s energy is light and meant to spark the imagination and invite creativity in your life by showing you how to turn emotions/thoughts/feelings into a creative force that draws both from your inner world and nature’s magic around you.

🪄 The focus of the Circle is the enjoyment of writing and reclaiming your creative power from what is present within you around the full moon.

What is Primal Poetry Women’s Circle not?

➳ It is not a poetry class where you analyze poems, learn about poets, etc.,
➳ It is not a writing workshop where you learn writing strategies,
➳ It is not group therapy,
➳ It is not art therapy or any other type of therapeutic session.


Wednesday, 1st February 2023

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Collaborators Cabin (I will send you the address once you have booked)


5 spaces


Please email me with your details at and make a payment
(if you don’t have paypal, message me for a different form of payment)

Who is it for?

ALL women are welcome

What do others think about the PRIMAL POETRY CIRCLES?

“The whole experience was thoughtfully crafted creating a warm, friendly, relaxing and creative atmospehre. I particularly enjoyed the mindfullness and tea ceremony. This enabled me to relax into the flow of creating a poem.” Yvonne

“The Primal Poetry Cricle answered my need for personal reflective space and a fun, creative challenge.” Emilie