Primal Storytelling Women’s Circle


What is the easiest way to boost your well-being?

Telling stories!

Storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of medicine known to humankind. People gathered around the fire to tell and listen to stories to connect to themselves and their community. They knew stories:

🪄 give you the power to create new worlds,
🪄 stir your imagination,
🪄 inspire change,
🪄 allow you to forget, for a minute, about your responsibilities; they help you rest and let your soul feel the happiness, sadness, or any other emotion within you;
🪄 they help your soul find the answers to struggles in your life,
🪄 make you laugh,
🪄 have fun and relax.

Come to Primal Storytelling Women’s Circle if you:

✨ long to experience the magic of telling spellbinding stories in the comfort of the company of like-minded women,
✨ need lots of fun and laughter,
✨ want to relax,
✨ spend your Sunday evening creatively,
✨ want to invite creativity in your life.

What is the Storytelling Circle not?

➳ It is not group therapy,

➳ It is not art therapy or any other type of therapeutic session.

➳ Some healing may happen when women gather together and create; however, it is not a space to work through traumas.

✨ The Circle’s energy is light and meant to spark the imagination and ignite creativity in your life.

What will happen during the Circle?

🔥 opening meditation,
🔥 tea ceremony to ground in the present and get to know each other,
🔥 sound journey with a Koshi Bell to connect to the element of FIRE,
🔥 sound journey with a shamanic drum to connect to the Story Spirit,
🔥 collective storytelling – we tell one big story together, adding parts of the story using story cubes as prompts if needed, going around the Circle,
🔥 closing meditation.


Sunday, 29th January 2023


7 pm – 8.30 pm


Collaborators Cabin, Poole ( I will message you the address once you have booked)


5 spaces




Please message me on and make a payment through (if you don’t have PayPal, don’t worry, let me know, and we will find an alternative way).

ALL women are welcome

“Stories are as alive as golden flames of the bonfire that paint beautiful illustrations of various narratives. They take on shapes. Seemingly the same, but how different in the minds of the listeners and the tellers. They are their stories, resonating in their souls depending on their personal experiences, dreams, desires, joys, fears and anxieties. They are pure magic.”
Monika Holmes