Why is Autumn the Most Magical of Seasons?

Each season has its charms. Spring brings new beginnings, warmer days, and songs of the birds, while summer offers adventures, long evenings among friends, and the sun rays’ unconditional love. Winter lights the darkness with fairy lights and gathers people around the Christmas table. But Autumn? Autumn is something else. Autumn is magical, poetic and creative. Autumn allows healing, relaxation and an invaluable time in one’s Innerverse. Let’s delve into the wonderfulness of Autumn and take a closer look at what magic this season can provide for us.

The Magic of Colours and Creativity

Different kinds of magic come along with Autumn. First of all, there is the Magic of Colours and Creativity. The golden light of the Sun illuminates the red and yellow leaves, trembling and whispering in the wind. Some of them, nudged by his impatience, fall onto the ground, crackling under the feet of a passerby. What a sensory feast for one who opens their senses and soul to relax and to be! How inspiring it is to immerse in all that beauty! Why not write a poem, maybe, about the stunning nature that is around us? How nourishing for our imagination! I like picturing fairies with paintbrushes colouring the leaves and elves collecting them after they fall to weave an Autumn blanket for Mother Earth. So much storytelling comes out of it! So much fun! And what about all those conkers and acorns waiting to be picked up and turned into forest folk, all those leaves waiting to become the Autumn crowns? They are all here to help us connect with our creative selves and bond with our partners, children, or friends. That is the best kind of magic!    

The Magic of Rain 

Then, there comes the Magic of Rain. It washes over the dirt and dust, the byproducts of summer, preparing the Earth for her rest. But not only that. In Autumn, even the nasty weather is creative. The rain conjures up the mushrooms that pop up everywhere – forests, parks, lawns. Beautiful in their different shapes and forms. Unique and special. Some nutritious, some poisonous. The former may be turned into soups, sauces or omelettes – everything that is good for us; the latter, well, the latter, we can look at them, acknowledge them, admire them even, but they are better left alone. It is similar to our thoughts. Some are supportive, and some are not. Sometimes our internal weather is all cloudy and rainy, but autumn teaches us that when the darkness closes in and everything seems doom and gloom, there is still room for growth and the nutrition we need, and it is possible to access it due to that very rain. Like with mushrooms, there is a bit of danger to it, though. We need to be smart about it and tune into our Inner Forager to know which thoughts to pick and feed on and which only observe from a distance, as not all of them are here to support our soul’s potential. Yes, thoughts and mushrooms have a lot in common. What magic is that? 

The Magic of Death

And finally, there is the Magic of Death. The magic of letting go. The deciduous trees know they must lose their leaves to bloom in the spring. They accept there is no point in hanging onto the old. It would be against their nature to desperately try stopping the leaf fall. Complete waste of energy as the death of the leaves is unstoppable. Why would they exist in delusion, then? They just let go. They just let go. And we? We can learn from them. 

We don’t have to let go without a closure, though. It is when the magic of Samhain comes in handy. Celebrating the dead: the loved ones, the ideas we had but never acted upon, or the expectations we hold towards others is part of letting go. In a ritual (as simple as burning a piece of paper with what you want to release written on it), we can value the dead, respect them, thank them, and let them go. 

You can talk to the spirits, to your ancestors, too, if it is something you would like to do to ask for guidance and support. In Autumn, the veil between our and their world is thin. As with the mushrooms, though, one has to be careful what energies one invites into their life.

Treasures of Autumn

The Magic of Hygge

There is magic in slowly letting yourself relax in those dark months. Cosy evenings with a cup of hot cocoa, under a blanket, with a good book, a journal or an uplifting film, what is better healing after all that letting go than that?

Autumn is all about Hygge Magic. This Danish concept of cosiness, safety and enjoyment from simple things encourages us to appreciate woolly socks, homemade meals, the company of others, or the flickering light of a candle. Stopping for a moment, having a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, is what hygge asks us to do. Just be and enjoy. Rest. Recharge. Reconnect.

Autumn is truly magical. It balances between colour and darkness, life and death, happiness and sadness, creativity and relaxation, activity and stillness, beauty and ugliness, embracing the moment and letting go of the old. And in all of that, there is healing. 

Hygge evening