Let yourself be poetic – an invitation to the Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshops

Let yourself be poetic…

Did you know that you are poetry? Did you know that your life is poetic? Did you know poetry is rooted deep inside you, most likely fast asleep, waiting for you to awaken her?

Poetry is within you. Poetry is around you. Poetry is your emotion, perception of beauty, inner thoughts, feelings, worries and amazements.

I feel the calling to guide you in finding your poetic voice, giving you tools to capture fleeting moments, thoughts and emotions and pouring them down onto paper.

I invite you to the Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshops that will happen soon, both online and in real life. More details will flow your way shortly.

What is the Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop? It is a safe space where women can come, relax and connect to their inner poetry, letting go of all the worry, judgement, and limitations and transforming their emotions and thoughts into poems or short texts. It’s all about fun, relaxation, connection and enjoyment. We will be guided by the Four Elements, the Moon, and the Seasons. More details will flow your way shortly.

I ran a trial Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop earlier this week. It was magical, guided by the Spirit of the Earth. Before the circle, the women said they did not know how to write poetry. After the circle, they both produced beautiful poems.

Here is what they said:

“To be honest, I felt a little nervous about poetry prior to our get-together, but I didn’t have to worry at all. Monika gently led the way and made us all feel relaxed in an engaging and enjoyable way. Poetic Women’s Circle is perfect for those with less poetry familiarity, like me. Monika gave us a gentle introduction and how to approach discussing them. I felt more confident with poetry by the end of our session and can’t wait to engage in future sessions.” Karen

“I enjoy reading poetry but had minimal experience of writing poetry. I was initially a little apprehensive about putting thoughts down on paper. I did find it extremely enjoyable – going with the flow encouraged by Monika and the other group member. I was pleasantly surprised and proud of what I created. It has inspired me to participate in the future circles and to pursue poetry writing further at home.” Yvonne

If you are curious about what poems come up in the spur of the moment, guided and inspired by nature, please visit Birkiverse (https://birkiverse.com/2022/09/22/i-the-earthling/) to read my poem born that evening.

Stay tuned!