Dancing Cloud

Music and performance by Aneta Soja

Dancing Cloud, Dancing Cloud

can’t hear the drumming of her heart

clear and loud, clear and loud. 

Her soul – was bribed

throughout her wild and stormy youth. 

Lost within, far away from her tribe,

she has forgotten her primal truth.

In the mists of her childhood

through a dream, she could hear

whispers from the darkest wood

– the calling of a deer.

“Come, my child, sit and listen,”

said the ancient voice,

“Make your soul sing and glisten,

you always have a choice.”

“There is a powerful treasure

hidden under the great, old oak.

When life gives you stress and pressure

set off to find it” gently the deer spoke. 

Startled, she wakes up from her dream,

the whispers lingering in her mind,

Magic comes back to her bloodstream,

questions and answers untwined. 

Now the time has come

to reclaim the long lost gift,

to guide her soul home,

to experience this magical shift. 

So she sets off to find the ancient oak,

searching for its welcoming arms,

with a child holding onto her cloak, 

Dancing Cloud hums her spells and charms. 

Her magic unravels. 

Her magic unravels.

Her magic unravels.

Night and day she walks tirelessly,

singing songs and lullabies.

She creates her magic earnestly,

sharing it with the passers-by.

When she finally finds the tree,

she hears the ancient deer:

“Your gift is already within thee,

but here – take this drum, my dear.”

“Drum it, summon the healing

– it will make your magic stronger.

Spread the enchanted feeling,

let it make the hearts grow fonder.”

Dancing Cloud takes the drum.

Joyful, grateful, her head bows.

She calls for those who have been numb

– makes them shine, makes them rouse.

Drum. Drum. Drum.

Dancing Cloud, Dancing Cloud

hears the drumming of her heart

clear and loud, clear and loud.