Painting with nature / Malowane naturą

My friend got inspired by a Swedish artist Jonna Jinton, who makes those beautiful paintings using natural materials like stones or sand, and asked me if I wanted to have a go at making our art this way. “That sounds like a wonderful Little Joy”, I have thought and said, “Sure, let’s do it!”
I packed my little red teapot, some paintbrushes, mortar and pestle and set off to the beach. It was early morning. No crowds, no noise. Just the sound of the sea, my friend and I. Serene. Relaxing.
We started by crushing some shells and tea leaves and smoothing the sand to prepare our natural paints. Then we added some water and a special gel to make it sticky. What fun it was! And then we got to painting! As for our first try, we have done quite well, I think. The point is that the experience was just perfect, a Little Joy in its pureness: everything that matters: good company, peace, art, nature and lots of happiness:)
P.S. All the pigments are made from natural materials: tea, shells, sand, charcoal, ash, sand, turmeric, rainwater and seawater.

Art by Monika Holmes and Ayumi Harada
Photo by Monika Holmes
Art by Monika Holmes
Art by Monika Holmes

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