Dancing with Bubbles / Tańczące z Bańkami

“How about we dance with bubbles?” she asked, seeing my worried face.

“Dance with bubbles? What do you mean?” I stared at her, my eyes full of doubt.

“Yes… yes… Just wait and see,” she whispered and ran to the kitchen.

She came back after a few minutes with a bucket, two sticks (why she had the sticks in her kitchen, I do not know), a ball of string, and a huge grin on her face.

“Bubbles – they are marvellous creations, aren’t they?” she murmured, but her voice was trembling with excitement, “Delicate, beautiful and, if you lucky enough to catch the sunbeams into them, colourful. Watching them is genuinely relaxing, but making them brings even more tranquillity. You don’t need much: two sticks, a piece of string and a washing liquid mixture – and there, there you have a fantastic way to relax. Dance-like moves, conjuring up magical, ephemeral beings – what else can be a better idea to take your mind off worries and negative thoughts?”

She started to dance, the bubbles like giant fireflies swirling around her. She looked like the enchantress doing her magic. Spellbound, that what I was.

Watching the bubbles drifting skyward, got me thinking. Sometimes we get scared and worried. We work our bodies up with stress, feeling tense and nervous. Our bodies start to ache and feel tired, and we start believing it is it – our reality. But is it? What if our negative thoughts were just like bubbles? They would be there just for a moment, catching our attention and then they would burst and they would be gone forever. We would observe them, acknowledge them, and then let them go like we do when we watch bubbles. We wouldn’t store our worries in our bodies, and we would feel more peaceful. I found that thought very comforting – it made me feel more relaxed already.

“Can I try?” I asked her.

“Sure”, she said with a note of triumph in her voice and handed me the sticks.

Clumsily, I made one bubble, after another, after another. I heard her sing, and I felt my body take the lead and make me move more gracefully, swaying to her song. I did not think. I did not worry. I just danced, forgetting all about the stress. I let it go skywards, up with the bubbles.

Video by Elizabeth Sheppard

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