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Do you yearn to feel inspired to live creatively and magically?

In Birkiverse, you will

🌿 immerse yourself in poems, stories and articles, which offer you relaxation, relief and readiness to reclaim the power to quieten your mind and enjoy the healing properties of art and the written word.

Do you yearn to relax and connect with your sensitive soul?

In Birkiverse, you will

🌿 be invited to women’s circles, workshops or individual work where you connect to your sensitivity and enchant it into creative power, producing poems, stories or paintings that you never thought you could make. In a safe and cosy space, you will spark your creativity and nourish your Sensitive Soul.

I am pleased to announce new offerings:

Primal Poetry Women’s Circle Workshop – The Full Moon,

Primal Poetic Garden: Intention Setting Women’s Circle: The New Moon,

Primal Storytelling Women’s Circle

available now!



Birkiverse (birki [icelandic for birch] + universe) is an enchanted space of creativity, sensitivity and healing where your precious soul is embraced and encouraged to express its creative power, nourished, nurtured and inspired. 
Photo by Monika Holmes

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